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Finding the best tech talent for the digital world


About us

RCS is a leading technology recruitment agency that specializes in finding the best talent for companies going through digital transformation or scaling their technology teams.
We have a team of experienced and passionate recruiters who understand the needs and challenges of the tech industry. We offer tailored solutions and exceptional service to our clients and candidates, ensuring a smooth and successful recruitment process.
More About Us

Services &

We offer a range of services to help you find the right talent for your IT and digital transformation projects. Whether you need permanent, contract, or temporary staff, we have the expertise and network to connect you with the best candidates in the market.

We specialise in the following areas of tech recruitment:

Cloud & DevOps

We help you find cloud engineers, architects, developers and consultants who have the skills and experience to design, build and manage cloud platforms and applications using the latest tools and technologies.

Software Development

We help you find software developers, engineers and testers who can create, maintain and improve software solutions using various programming languages, frameworks and methodologies.

Enterprise Applications

We help you find enterprise application specialists who can implement, customise and support ERP, CRM and other business software systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle and more.

Cyber Security

We help you find cyber security professionals who can protect your data, systems and networks from cyber threats and attacks using various security tools and techniques.


We help you find infrastructure specialists who can design, install and manage your IT infrastructure such as servers, networks, storage and hardware.

Project Delivery

We help you find project managers, business analysts, scrum masters and other project delivery professionals who can plan, execute and deliver IT and digital transformation projects on time, on budget and on scope.


We help you find quality assurance professionals who can ensure the quality and performance of your software products and services using various testing methods and tools.

Data, Analytics and AI

We help you find data scientists, analysts, engineers and AI specialists who can collect, analyse and leverage data to generate insights, predictions and solutions using various data platforms and technologies.



No matter the size or stage of your business, you need the right people to power your IT and digital transformation projects. That’s why you need us.
At RCS, we match you with the best talent for your permanent, temporary or contract roles. We have a huge pool of talented and vetted tech professionals who can help you reach your goals and boost your capabilities. But that’s not all.

We help you stand out in the crowded tech
market and attract the best talent by:

  • Giving you insights and tips on the latest market trends, salary levels and hiring best practices.
  • Work with you to craft and refine your Employer Value Proposition.
  • Partner with you to improve your DE&I strategies and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.


If you are looking for new opportunities in the IT and digital transformation sectors, RCS is the right place for you.
We match you with the best opportunities for your skills, interests and career goals. We want you to achieve your potential and we will support you along the way.
Our goal is to help you advance your career or secure your next project.
You will work with a tech recruiter who is an expert in your field and who will guide you through the following topics and provide you with practical steps to help you progress.

Your CV

Think about how your CV will impress potential employers. We will help you showcase your strengths and achievements. We’ll also help you identify any gaps and set goals for how you want your CV to look like in 2-5 years - then you can make it a reality.

Sharpen Your Skills

Assess any skill gaps in your CV. If you need help - we can suggest the best training providers and pathways to improve your knowledge.

Trend Analysis

Stay on top of current trends and changes - the market is fast-paced, and you need to keep up! We provider regular insights and market updates to our candidates on what employers are looking for.

Keep Your Expertise Current

Are you using the latest platforms, methodologies, and approaches? We want to help you stay ‘current’ at every opportunity!

Remuneration Insights

Where do you stand in the market? We will help you understand what employers are offering for roles that match your profile and help you compare yourself with others.


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Values for success

Positive Attitude

We believe that a positive attitude is the key to success. We approach every challenge with optimism and enthusiasm, and we celebrate every achievement with gratitude and joy. We support each other and our clients with kindness and respect, and we foster a culture of happiness and well-being.

Growth Mindset

We believe that growth is a mindset, not a destination. We are always learning and improving ourselves, and we welcome feedback and new opportunities to grow. We are not afraid to make mistakes, but we learn from them and move forward. We are ambitious and driven, and we pursue our goals with passion and perseverance.

Innovation and Adaptability

We believe that innovation and adaptability are essential in a fast-changing world. We are always looking for new ways to solve problems and create value for our clients and ourselves. We embrace change and uncertainty, and we are flexible and responsive to evolving needs and expectations of our clients and the market.


We believe that collaboration is the foundation of our success. We work as a team and leverage our diverse skills and perspectives to achieve our common goals. We communicate openly and honestly, and we listen to each other with curiosity and respect. We trust each other and share responsibility and accountability for our results.